Name: Gena Alcorn

Chapter: Alpha Deuteron Chapter, Monmouth​

Full-time Occupation: Monmouth College, Development and College Relations Office; development officer

Volunteer Position: New Member and Chapter Council Adviser for Alpha Deuteron Chapter

Years Volunteering with Kappa: 10 years

What talents made you a great match for this role? I bring organization and planning from my professional career into the volunteer roles I serve. I’m also a good listener and I try to be a source of encouragement for the undergraduate members in the chapter. Having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either!


What makes this role rewarding? I find it especially rewarding when I can see how much the officers on Chapter Council have learned and grown. To see the smiles come across their faces after achieving success makes me happy. I try to be a source of encouragement for them, even through the difficult times and let them know that whether success or failure, each situation is an opportunity to learn. I’m always proud of their efforts. Kappa ritual is also extremely important to me and being able to experience that with the undergraduate members is something I enjoy.


What or who is your most impactful Kappa memory or mentor? There are several Kappas from the Monmouth Alumnae Association that have held a special place in my heart: Carol Bowman, Monmouth; Barbara Frazier, Monmouth; Mary Alice Toal, Monmouth; Liz Lashly, Monmouth; Mable McCoy, Monmouth; Barbara Johnson, Monmouth; Cherry McIlvain, Monmouth; Louise Roos, Monmouth —the list goes on. They show me, through their words and actions, that Kappa really is for a lifetime. But I’d have to say that Mary Castle Josephson, Monmouth, was the person that encouraged me to get involved with the Monmouth Alumnae Association so many years ago and to develop my leadership abilities by serving as President. She was also the one to initially get me involved as an adviser. Mary was always the gracious Kappa alumna who gave so much of her time, talent and resources to the Monmouth Alumnae Association and to Alpha Deuteron Chapter; I was honored to call her sister.


In what other places or ways do you give your time and talents? I serve on the foundation board for the OSF Holy Family Medical Center. I travel frequently for my job, so free time is limited.


What is the most important talent or trait to have in this role? Flexibility. Also having an open mind and an open heart.

What can someone expect by taking on this role? Any type of volunteering is good for the soul but being able to volunteer for the chapter that you were an undergraduate member in is remarkable. I learn so much from the women and keeping my connections to our Kappa ritual has been important to me.

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