Name: Lucy First

Chapter: Iota Chapter, DePauw

Full-time Occupation: Associate marketing manager, Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

Volunteer Position: Contributing writer, The Key; Chapter Council Adviser, Rho Deuteron Chapter, Ohio Wesleyan

Years Volunteering with Kappa: 3.5 years

What talents made you a great match for this role? Writing and communications skills for The Key; organization and networking skills for Chapter Council Adviser.


What makes this role rewarding? Working with The Key has afforded me the opportunity to meet many other alumnae and hear their achievements. I love learning and celebrating the successes of my sisters. Working as the Chapter Council Adviser at Rho Deuteron Chapter has given me the opportunity to continue to learn about our organization and the ways we operate. Additionally, I love supporting our undergraduate members and helping them form a productive and positive chapter.


What or who is your most impactful Kappa memory or mentor? My Chapter Council Adviser and Province Director of Chapters from when I was an undergraduate member in Iota Chapter inspired me to volunteer with Kappa after graduation. They were such great resources for me as a Chapter Council member, but they also were so supportive of my personal and professional development. I know that without them my Kappa experience would not have been the same nor would I have felt as strong of a connection to our organization.


In what other places or ways do you give your time and talents? Kappa is where I focus my volunteer time.


What is the most important talent or trait to have in this role? The most important talent or trait I have is communication skills. For The Key, you have to have strong communication skills when reaching out to potential interviewees and have the ability to take their words and turn them into a story for our sisters to read and take interest in. For advising, you have to have strong communication skills to work with your fellow advisers but to also motivate and guide undergraduate women. You have to understand how these different groups like to be talked to and how best to engage them.


What can someone expect by taking on this role? You have a lot of responsibilities, and you have to be willing to commit your time and energy. However, I always tell people that it is worth it. You build an even stronger bond and commitment to our organization. The emotional connection is what keeps me motivated and dedicated.

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