Name: Nicole Carvalho

Chapter: Eta Eta Chapter, Central Florida

Full-time Occupation: Pediatric speech language pathologist and feeding therapist

Volunteer Position: Philanthropy Specialist; Kappa Trainer

Years Volunteering with Kappa: 10 years

What talents made you a great match for this role? My love of learning is one of the reasons these roles are a great match for me. I love taking on new challenges and building new workshops that are tailored to a chapter or alumnae association. I have a love of philanthropy and planning events, which I think makes my new role as Philanthropy Specialist a great fit.


What makes this role rewarding? Seeing the joy on members’ faces as they learn new tools to help them in their Kappa life and beyond is very rewarding. I love working with women from all over the U.S. and Canada. I learn something new with each workshop I create and facilitate.


What or who is your most impactful Kappa memory or mentor? Carol Sanders, Cal State Northridge, and Kylee Deterding, Iowa State, were by far the most impactful Kappas in my life. I am a charter member of my chapter, therefore I was interviewed by alumnae. I remember the day Carol interviewed me like it was yesterday. I chose Kappa because of her and my chapter consultant Kylee, who both took the time to tell me all of the wonderful aspects of being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.


In what other places or ways do you give your time and talents? I am a volunteer with Girls on the Run, an organization which works with young girls to inspire them to be happy, healthy and confident. They use an experience based-curriculum which creatively integrates running and education. I have been on the race committee for the past five years helping to plan the graduation event and a 5K community run for each season.


What is the most important talent or trait to have in this role? Flexibility, time management skills, enthusiasm to learn something new and a love of all things Kappa.


What can someone expect by taking on this role? A chance to travel and teach a diverse group of women. I’m a newly appointed Philanthropy Specialist and haven’t really started yet, but I imagine that it will be a fun and exciting job where I get to motivate and help both alumnae and chapter members with their philanthropy projects both big and small.

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