Name: Peggy Scanlon Cabaniss

Chapter: Gamma Zeta Chapter, Arizona

Full-time Occupation: I just retired as president and co-founder of HC Financial Advisors

Volunteer Position: Finance Committee Chairman

Years Volunteering with Kappa: 8 years

What talents made you a great match for this role? As an investment advisor, our firm managed more than $250 million for our clients. I was familiar with managing portfolios, setting up investment policy statements, evaluating money managers, overseeing budgets and P&L statements for businesses, and aligning spending with the mission and goals of the organization.


What makes this role rewarding? Kappa’s Finance Committee is the only committee that acts as an umbrella over both the Fraternity and Foundation, insuring that the assets and revenues from each group are managed properly and are used to meet the needs of the organization. The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing all the investments for both groups, reviewing budgets, audit reports, insurance programs, house corporation financial matters, cash flow and real estate matters for Kappa.


What or who is your most impactful Kappa memory or mentor? I love attending Convention and seeing the wide age range of members, the diverse programs offered to both undergraduates and alumnae, and to see the long-lasting power of Kappa sisterhood and friendship.


In what other places or ways do you give your time and talents? I have been an active member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors for many years, and have served on the national board where I was chair in 2005–2006. I continue to work with NAPFA as chair of the Women’s Initiative whose goals are to support women advisers and to bring more women into the profession. I currently serve on American Association of University Women’s investment committee, which guides more than $120 million in investments for the organization. Closer to home, I am on the boards for the John Muir Land Trust organization and the Lamorinda Village, a nonprofit dedicated to helping seniors stay in their homes.


What is the most important talent or trait to have in this role? It’s important to have knowledge of finances for businesses, understanding of investments and the ability to coordinate all the different parties within Kappa so as to understand all the parts.


What can someone expect by taking on this role? By far the biggest thing you will learn is the size and scope of Kappa and the many different ways that the organization intertwines with both undergraduate members and alumnae. Expect to develop a deep appreciation for the amount of work it takes from both staff and volunteers to run Kappa Kappa Gamma. The role of the Finance Committee Chairman is to coordinate all parties involved in finances for the organization, and to inform and educate all committee members as to the needs and issues of the various parties involved. Last but not least, expect to meet and get to know some absolutely terrific women on the committee, most who have been selected due to their experience and knowledge of a particular topic.

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