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In November of this past year Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Council, as the result of a resolution from its membership, committed to a new organizational structure led by a visionary council. The move will empower our volunteers and make their roles more manageable through the realignment of responsibilities.

Over the next 18 months we will work to lay the foundation of our new structure. There’s much to do between now and Convention 2016, and we plan to do it—together.

You may be wondering, "Why are we proposing these changes?" We were motivated by three things:

  1. To meet the evolving needs of our membership.

  2. To better utilize and develop the talents within our membership and to better meet the needs of our undergraduates and alumnae.

  3. To perpetuate the Kappa ideal for future generations.

It really comes down to creating the best member experience for each woman who is or who will someday be a Kappa. Our work starts now. It’ll be a journey, and we hope you’ll embrace the opportunity to be on this journey with us.

As we start this journey together, let’s all envision what we stand to gain:

  1. We will have better mechanisms to recruit, develop and sustain our volunteers.

  2. We will have entrusted an expanded staff to collaborate in facilitating Fraternity Council’s vision.

  3. We will be better prepared for the future.

  4. We will have a more fulfilling volunteer experience.

We are #WomenWhoKappa. We look forward to what we'll do together.


Beth Black, Fraternity President

Elizabeth Bailey, Vice President

Nancy Foland, Treasurer

Kimberly Connell, Director of Alumnae

Suzanne Dalton, Director of Chapters

Susan Pile, Director of Membership

Gail Owen, Director of Programs and Education

Collett Rangitsch, Director of Standards

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