The task force in action

Three weeks ago a group of Kappas met to finalize the details of the proposed organizational changes. You know us as the Long-Range Planning Task Force. ​

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we came armed with loads of member feedback from all sorts of sources—Regional Leadership Conferences, town hall meetings, Associate Council Seminar, the site and more.

As a coincidence, the Regional Directors of Alumnae were meeting the same weekend. It provided us with another opportunity to have thoughtful discussions and to gather additional feedback from that team.

Once we sat around the table we knew there were four major outstanding questions we had to work through: communication, reporting lines, adviser support and alumna roles.

A lot of work had to be done.

Our full report will be available after Fraternity Council has had sufficient time to review. In the meantime, here are the major highlights from our planning weekend that we are now proposing:

  • Risk Management and Advisory Board teams were added to the district model. A Content Director and Content Specialists will be added for each area.

  • A few name changes have been made—Functional Director and District Specialists are now Content Director and Content Specialists, Communications has become Public Relations and Heritage will be called Ritual/History.

  • Standing Committee Chairmen and Special Committee Chairmen will report quarterly to Fraternity Council; Content Specialists will report trends and statistics monthly to Content and District Directors; District and Content Directors will report quarterly to Fraternity Council; and Fraternity Council will report quarterly to the membership of the organization.

  • An Alumna Advisory Committee was added as a Special Committee. This committee will provide feedback and insight into the alumna experience, pilot initiatives and collaborate with district specialists.

  • Expectations for Alumna Relations and District Directors were further clarified.​

​Next on our list is to finalize the Risk Management and Advisory Board position descriptions and we will share those with you soon.

Remember to keep checking back or subscribe to the site for updates. We’ll keep releasing information as it is available and in return we want you to continue to ask us questions and tell us your thoughts. Let’s work together to ensure Kappa’s future. ​

Loyally, Logan

Logan Tootell

Long-Range Planning Chairman

#volunteers #future #womenwhokappa #organization #proposedstructure

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