The Content Specialists

It’s likely you’ve heard the term Content Specialists before in conjunction with Kappa’s Long-Range Plan, but what really are Content Specialists? What is their job? Why are they being proposed? And what are the benefits of creating these roles?

I’m glad you asked.

In short, a Content Specialist is a Kappa volunteer with a specific focus. The Long-Range Planning Task Force is proposing Content Specialist for each of the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Advisory Board

  • Alumna Relations

  • Finance

  • Leadership Development

  • Membership

  • Panhellenic

  • Philanthropy

  • Programming

  • Risk Management

  • Ritual/History

  • Standards

Content Specialists will be trained to be experts in their content area, enabling them to more thoroughly support chapters and alumnae associations in their district and to more reflectively report back to the Fraternity regarding the trends of both the content and the geographic area.

Each specialist will directly serve the chapters and alumnae associations in their district. For example, if a chapter or alumnae association has a ritual question, they will reach out directly to the Ritual/History Specialist within their district.

Not only will communication time be faster, but the stress for each volunteer will be lessened immensely. Now instead of one to two Kappas running a content area, there will 12 Content Specialists assigned to a district and then that model is duplicated 14 times, spread across the United States and Canada.

Having Content Specialists means volunteers will also be able to give of their time in their way, a way that fits their schedule. They will be an expert in a single topic, no longer overwhelmed with knowing something about everything.

The Content Specialists will serve as a member of their team’s focused area, maintaining expert knowledge and will report to both her corresponding District Director and Content Director.

The specialists will have dual communication channels; they will communicate with their District Director and the other Content Specialists in their district, and they will communicate with their Content Director and the other specialists in their content area.

For example, a Philanthropy Content Specialist will communicate with her District Director and the other Content Specialist in her district, and she will communicate with the Philanthropy Content Director and the 13 other Philanthropy Content Specialists.

Specialists in the areas of Academic Excellence, Membership, Panhellenic, Philanthropy, Ritual/ History and Standards have already formed teams within the existing structure, assisting the current Fraternity leaders. We’ve already heard great stories of these teams working well and the volunteers enjoying their role. We can’t wait to share those stories with you soon. The remaining Specialist Teams will be appointed pending the 2016 General Convention.

If you still have questions, we encourage you to read though the information on this site. You may also email us at any time at We are excited for these #WomenWhoKappa to begin working with chapters and alumnae associations in a way that is manageable and enjoyable.

Loyally, Anne

Anne Matlock

Long-Range Planning Task Force Committee Member

Editor’s note: The Membership Specialists were noted as final at the time of publishing. While that team will be finalized this fiscal year, that team currently has two remaining openings. As soon as the Membership Specialists are final they will be posted in Kappa’s Yellow Pages. We apologize for the error.

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