Content and District Directors … explained

Part of the proposed changes is the introduction of Content and District Directors. But who are these women? What will their jobs be, and how will their roles differ from our current Province and Regional Directors?

Who are these women? The “who” part is easy. They are #WomenWhoKappa, dedicating themselves to our organization. Content Directors will be appointed by Fraternity Council, while District Directors will be elected every two years at General Convention. What will their jobs be? District Directors will oversee the proposed 14 districts and guide their team of 12 specialists, providing both alumna and chapter support. These 14 women will be responsible for fostering the growth and development of chapters and alumnae associations in their district, focusing on the effective implementation of the 12 content areas. Content Directors will maintain expertise and oversee a team of 14 specialists – that includes both chapter and alumna integration – related to one of the focus areas for the Fraternity. They will oversee the Fraternity’s strategic approach in a single content area, such as Philanthropy, identifying how to approach the goals and needs of their content area, as well as partner with the District Director and specialists to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. How is this different than our current Province and Regional Directors? The biggest difference is that Content and District Directors will serve both the chapters and alumnae associations. Province and Regional Directors are currently split into two teams. By combining chapter and alumna teams into one, each volunteer will obtain a better grasp of the needs of the membership and will be to view their position holistically. The current Province and Regional Directors need to be jacks-of-all-trades; in other words, they need to know a little about every content area, which is sometimes not enough to enable them to make a sound or quick decision. This new structure provides chapters, alumnae associations and advisers with a team of experts in 12 content areas – dedicated to a district – all ready to answer your questions and solve your problems. Content and District Directors will provide quarterly documentation to Fraternity Council. Content Directors will provide quarterly updates on trends, gaps, solutions, education and the status of their content area, while District Directors will provide updates to their assigned Vice President on district trends, gaps, solutions, education, and the status of associations and chapters in their district. This formal reporting gives Fraternity Council a view of the membership and what the needs are so they can better cater their vision for the future.

District Directors will also be in continual communication with their Vice President to ensure the urgent needs of their district are both known and addressed by Fraternity leadership when needed. This task becomes much easier thanks to the formal reports that are submitted quarterly. How will this help our chapters and associations? This shift is best brought to life in an example:

Like many of the other proposed changes, the addition of Content and District Directors helps turn Kappa into a more fluid, agile and streamlined organization – providing our chapters and associations with what they need faster than our current structure allows. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you!

Loyally, Erika Erika Sheffield-Stull Long-Range Planning Task Force Committee Member

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