The Perfect Balance

In a recent webinar, Long-Range Planning Chairman Logan Tootell gave significant attention to the idea of supporting members at all stages of their lives – from chapter membership through alumna involvement. But perhaps you’re still sitting back asking yourself, “What exactly does that mean?”

Let’s walk through how the proposed new structure will provided balanced support to #WomenWhoKappa across our entire organization.

In the proposed new structure, key focus areas are emphasized for both chapters and alumnae associations with continuity and customization in mind. Each chapter and association will receive a more robust level of resources and support, and will also be able to customize their needs based on their challenges.

For example, when it comes to philanthropy, a chapter will be able to reach out to its Philanthropy Specialist to receive resources and support for implementing a Reading Is Key event, and associations will receive resources from their Philanthropy Specialist to help brainstorm community philanthropy events that benefit a local charity. This will allow our members to learn from one another, both on the undergraduate and alumnae side.

Here are a few more examples of how the key focus areas will support both our chapters and alumnae associations:

The underlying benefits of the shift to the proposed governance model can be seen in the examples outlined above, including:

  • Dedicated resource, providing hands-on and timely responses.

  • Ability to focus on a smaller population of chapters and associations, thus limiting the number of concerns being juggled.

  • Sharing of ideas and knowledge between chapters and associations.

  • More meaningful membership as undergraduates create intentional connections to alumna members.

  • A Fraternity resource, with expertise in the content area, to provide assistance reflective of the organization and the environment.

With leadership from Content Directors and Content Specialists, chapters and alumnae associations will have an opportunity to coordinate efforts with greater ease. All of this will lead to a better balance in support for both chapters and associations, taking our beloved organization to the next level!

Still have questions? Comment below, check out our FAQs or contact us directly! Loyally, Molly Molly Bechtel Long-Range Planning Task Force Committee Member

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