Realigning Standing and Special Committees

One of the most exciting changes within the Long-Range Plan has to do with special and standing committees. But why change them at all? In looking at our current structure, the Long-Range Planning Task Force came to the realization that these committees weren’t best serving the needs of our membership.

The goal of changing the current committees was to realign their focus on the goals of Kappa’s mission statement and utilize the committees to provide better support to our alumnae associations, our chapters and our members. It also allowed for the elevation of long-valued areas of the Fraternity such as History and Ritual, which now has a dedicated team of 15 people. These changes will lessen the strain on our volunteers, providing a more interesting, manageable and rewarding volunteer position.

Let’s look at some of the most exciting changes!

Standing Committees

For the most part, standing committees stay relatively the same. Working in conjunction with Fraternity Council, District Directors, Content Directors and Content Specialists, these committees work to tackle time-honored Fraternity focus areas, such as Extension, Finance, The Key and General Convention.

At the heart of Kappa Kappa Gamma is our history and our ritual. The Long-Range Planning Task Force felt that these standing committees, the most treasured facets of our sisterhood, needed to be expanded and given a spotlight befitting their importance. In the proposed structure, the History and Ritual Standing Committees are combined and turned into a Specialist Team of 15 volunteers. This change will allow the History/Ritual Specialists to bring the core of Kappa to the forefront of our organization.

Another example of change comes with the Chapter Support Committee. In our current structure, this committee tackles supporting the chapter in day-to-day operations, but also helps to maintain chapter facilities. The Long-Range Planning Task Force knew that this committee was tackling two very different subject matters, and so this committee has been split into the Advisory Board Specialist Team and the House Board Standing Committee. The House Board Standing Committee will now be able to focus solely on maintaining chapter facilities, without needing to be bogged down with the day-to-day operations of our chapters.

Special Committees

The biggest committee changes occur within the special committee list, which maintained Technology, Sesquicentennial and Nominating while re-envisioning the remaining committees to better serve the expressed needs of the membership.

After the vote at the 2016 General Convention, the Long-Range Planning Committee will transition to its new name: Strategic Planning. The Philanthropy, Risk Management and Education committees would all be elevated to Content Specialist Teams, with Education being split into a team for Leadership Development and a team dedicated to Programming.

The most exciting part of the proposed structure is the addition of new special committees aimed at providing greater assistance toward our current needs and projection of ideas and needs for our future. These include: New Chapters, Collegiate Advisory, Association and Chapter Development and Alumna Advisory Committee.

New Chapters

This Special Committee will be focused on helping our newest chapters get off and running. From the point of installation, and potentially before, through their first 2–3 years, this committee will serve as an essential resource for the chapter. They will focus on ensuring that the newest chapters have a strong foundation, a point of contact for support at an international level and guidance on the value and meaning of Kappa, helping to ensure that our newest chapters are given the best chance for success.

Collegiate Advisory

The Collegiate Advisory Committee will be comprised of undergraduate women who serve as a channel of communication from the undergraduate experience to Fraternity Council and vice versa. This committee will share trends, expertise on what it means to be a collegian today, ideas on how the Fraternity could best support the undergraduate members and generally serve as the voice of the undergraduate population. Fraternity Council will also share their vision, strategic plans, new ideas and ongoing hurdles impacting undergraduates with this committee so they can obtain their feedback and thoughts. This open line of communication between our collegians and Fraternity Council will help provide our undergraduate members with not only a voice, but also a channel in which to grow even further as leaders.

Association and Chapter Development

This committee would be available to provide support in determining the source of the greatest challenges facing our chapters and associations, as well as provide a connection to Content Specialists who can offer specific solutions for any content area. The chairman of this committee would be focused on developing and implementing a plan for revitalizing an association or chapter to greater functionality.

This additional support will help to ensure the success of our organization and give our struggling chapters and associations the best chance for survival.

Alumna Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Alumna Advisory Committee is to help the Fraternity identify the unique challenges and opportunities faced by alumnae. Members of the committee will provide feedback and insight into the alumna experience, make recommendations to Fraternity Council and pilot initiatives designed for our alumnae membership.

The addition of these new committees and the realignment of others better reflect our organization’s goals and allow us to meet the most important needs and wants of our membership in the most sensible and manageable way. And better support for our members means a more fulfilling experience for our membership and our volunteers.

Loyally, Logan

Logan Tootell

Long-Range Planning Chairman

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