Long-Range Planning Task Force Report Now Available

Under the proposed plan, Kappa Kappa Gamma will remain a volunteer-directed organization, supported by Fraternity Headquarters staff. Volunteer jobs have been made smaller and more manageable, and allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the Fraternity and develop a breadth of leadership skills.

Currently, in order to continue to volunteer within the Fraternity, there is a shared belief among volunteers that one must “move up.” As a volunteer moves up, the number of volunteer opportunities becomes fewer due to the current hierarchical structure of the organization. This limits volunteer positions available to those interested in continuing to serve the organization.

Most Kappa volunteers volunteer because they want to give back to Kappa. However, the current expectations for volunteers, including Fraternity Council, are too expansive and task-oriented leading to volunteers feeling overwhelmed, under-valued, and burned out. Alumnae associations, chapters, advisory boards, and house boards desire more support and guidance, which is not adequately provided under the existing structure. It is essential to the longevity of the organization that members continue to feel engaged and connected; that will not happen if we continue with our current structure.

As such, the Long-Range Planning Task Force recommends that Kappa Kappa Gamma adopt a new governance structure in which the Fraternity Council be reorganized to become a visionary and strategic body, the province and regional structure be replaced, additional volunteer positions in specific content areas be created, paid staff be added to Fraternity Headquarters, and the standing and special committees be rearranged to create a more meaningful and inclusive volunteer experience and to provide more support to associations, chapters, and boards.

In lieu of the current province and regional structure, the Long-Range Planning Task Force recommends moving to fourteen districts of approximately twenty-two alumnae associations and ten chapters, each headed by a District Director and supported by a team of twelve content experts. The proposed structure blends alumna and chapter matters in order to provide a more global understanding of the Fraternity and the cross-sharing of successful ideas.

Click to read the full report aaaaaa aaaaaaaa

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