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With the 2016 General Convention only a few months away, many of my Denver Alumnae Association friends have asked about the Long-Range Plan and the proposed Fraternity organizational structure. There’s no doubt the new structure will move us forward and positively benefit our members.

One of the most notable benefits for associations is the access to Content Specialists — volunteers who are focused on a specific content area, such as Ritual and History. Content Specialists can help with membership growth, building Night Owl members into eventual association leaders or anything else your association needs. These Kappa volunteers will also be supporting our collegiate members on the same content, meaning that instead of a chapter side versus an alumnae side, everyone is on the same team — sharing the expertise of like volunteer resources.

Take a look at our current association board structure alongside the proposed new organizational structure. As an association officer, your first point of contact will be the Alumna Relations Specialist for your district. If you and the Alumna Relations Specialist determine additional support would be helpful, a specialist can be brought into the conversation. Take a look at the chart below and note how each alumnae association officer will have a specialized resource for support.

This operational approach will provide our associations with more avenues of Kappa support. Not only will the time between contacting a volunteer for support and the response be decreased, but the direct support means our association membership numbers will be able to grow and develop, philanthropy efforts in our communities will increase thanks to one-on-one guidance, programming support will be readily available … the list of benefits goes on and on.

As a former association President, I know what a gift this team of support would’ve meant five years ago. The proposed organizational change will make a lasting, positive impact for our associations and alumnae. Join me in support of the Long-Range Plan; it’s for the betterment of Kappa for generations to come.



Barb Goettelman

Ritual and History Specialist, Province Director of Chapters

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