Myth vs. Fact: Fraternity Headquarters

Our final Myth vs. Fact is about Fraternity Headquarters.

MYTH: We need to renovate or relocate our Headquarters due to the Long-Range Plan and more staff being hired.

FACT: The proposed structure and Headquarters are separate issues. We will need to address the inadequate space and infrastructure issues at Headquarters regardless of what happens with the proposed structure. We have paused any decisions to take time to listen to our members and gather more information about various options and further study the financial implications. Please feel free to contact any Council member if you would like to discuss. We are here to listen.

We hope that these Myth vs. Fact posts have been insightful. You can read the full Long-Range Planning Task Force Report here and find more information on the Long-Range Plan throughout the Women Who Kappa site. If you still have questions, please contact us at

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