A message from Kappa Kappa Gamma's leadership

Editor's note: For the full Long-Range Planning Task Force Report, click here.

Dear Kappa sisters:

Today marks a historic moment for our organization. Kappa Kappa Gamma’s voting delegates, in representation of its membership, voted in favor of the proposed revisions to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules at the 71st Biennial Convention in San Diego.

By adopting these revisions, Kappa Kappa Gamma will be well-positioned to achieve the goals outlined by the Long-Range Planning Task Force:

  • To more effectively meet the needs of alumnae and undergraduate members

  • To better utilize and develop the skill sets of our members

  • To provide volunteers with roles that are more rewarding, more manageable and less time-consuming

  • To allow Fraternity Council to create a clear vision for our organization

  • And most importantly, to ensure our relevance and perpetuate Kappa’s ideals for future generations of women.

These exciting and aspirational goals are only achievable through change. With change comes both hope and uncertainty. We will be guided, not by fear, but by the powerful strength and example provided to us by our Founders who confidently charted a new path in an uncertain time.

We will recommend that the new Fraternity Council immediately appoint a transition team at the close of Convention to help facilitate the work ahead. Training and coaching for newly-elected and appointed volunteers will begin in July. Bridging these aspirations into reality will require the collaborative efforts of our volunteers, the support of our staff, and the patience of our membership. We are inspired by the possibilities our new organizational structure represents.

We are deeply grateful to our Long-Range Planning Task Force for its outstanding work. We would also like to thank our membership for your participation during the past two years as we have collectively sought to advance our organization. Your input throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.

If you have questions about the revisions to the Fraternity documents or new organizational structure, please feel free to contactwomenwhokappa@kkg.org or visit www.womenwhokappa.org. We look forward to implementing these exciting changes that will ensure Kappa Kappa Gamma’s position as a leader among women’s Panhellenic organizations.


Beth Black Fraternity President kkgpresident@kkg.org

Elizabeth Bailey Vice President

Nancy Foland Treasurer

Kimberly Connell Director of Alumnae

Suzanne Dalton Director of Chapters

Susan Pile Director of Membership

Gail Owen Director of Programs and Education

Collett Rangitsch Director of Standards

Patty Gesell NPC Delegate

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